African Drums 'n Beads

Bead Catalogue

All the jewelry is designed by Becky Wiebe using beads which have been hand-made in West Africa.  Most of the beads are made from recycled glass, while some are made from brass, bone, coconut, stone or leather. Choose beads from the catalogue to design your own jewelry.

See some beads and how they are made.

The drums are new, handcrafted by expert carvers in Ghana.  The African goat skin is put on the solid tweneboa wood shell using double-weave roping. Beautiful sounding djembes, dunduns, kpanlogos, bougarabous, talking drums and a variety of other African percussion is available from Kevin.

Drum photos


Our family lived in Ghana to implement water and sanitation projects.  We brought beads and drums back to Canada to sell as a fundraiser, as we plan to return to Africa to continue helping.

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